Death Ride: Normandy - Juno Beach, June 6 1944

Normandy: Sword Beach Expansion

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Product information "Death Ride: Normandy - Juno Beach, June 6 1944"

From Grognard Simulations:


Death Ride Normandy:   This game is going to cover the entire Normandy campaign from 6 June 1944 up to Cobra.  It will be as grand a game as Death Ride Kursk and have all the richness of that game series.  This series will be broken down into many smaller games.  The Base Game focuses on the operation at Pt du Hoc conducted by elements of the 2nd Ranger Battalion.  Along with this initial offering is Death Ride Normandy - Omaha Beach.  I am also working on the other beaches will all take the game from the invasion through the end of 10 June 1944.

The Master Rules will be set up similarly to the Death Ride Kursk model where there are a number of different levels of play.  The Master Rules DO NOT have the advanced rules included.  The DRN-Advanced Rules are include in the US and CW A-M-L Enhancements.  This will make the game easier to pickup for newcomers, and yet have the depth of play enjoyed by experienced players.  I will be putting the common charts and tables needed for the general game system in the Pt du Hoc game.  This will make the Pt du Hoc scenario playable and small for those wishing an introductory game into the series.  The first 2 games mentioned above are the initial offerings of the main amphibious packages.  These games will address the battle from 6 June through 10 June.  There will be additional expansions to the series for beyond 10 June.  These expanions are yet to be finalized.

This Death Ride game comes with or allows:

Numerous Charts and Tables

Rules Written Based on the Seven Battlefield Operating Systems

Detailed but not Overbearing

Excellent Solitaire Play

Game Scales are:

Game Turns are 2 hours for regular turns and 40 minutes for invasion turns; a change from most other Death Ride series games

Hex Scale is 330m per Hex

Most units are platoons with the ability to combine into companies

Death Ride Normandy - Juno Beach:

The Canadian 3rd Infantry Division, landing to the west of the 3rd British Infantry Division, made good gains on D-Day and looked like it would be able to advance on Caen on the 7th without problem.  After consolidating for the night the Candians moved out smartly in the morning to the south along the road to Carpiquet Airport to the west of the city of Caen.  Not long after starting out, and strung out in a long column, they came under intense and sustained fire from the 12SS Panzer Division.  The fight between these 2 divisions would become legendary during the campaign and filled with vicious combat.


Juno Beach and Carpiquet Maps

7 Counter Sheets

3CID Order of Battle

Funnies assigned to 3CID

Juno WNs

12SS PzD

Transport Charts

Wave Charts

Supplemental Rules

Reference (Gamers HQ):

Grognard Simulations is known for their detailed and fantastic rulesets and their attention to detail concerning the gaming material, but because of the way they produce their games, You can´t compare the quality of the boxes with it from big companies like GMT or Compass Games: They are only for holding the huge amount of material, but not as a piece of art by itself (they are made from thin cardboard). This games are, like the name of the company indicates, for "real Grognards !"

Boxed Expansion.

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal W39.
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