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From Game Salute and BoardGameGeek: Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game is an amazing... more
Product information "Storm Hollow: Big Box"

From Game Salute and BoardGameGeek:

Storm Hollow: A Storyboard Game is an amazing storytelling adventure game for all ages. One player assumes the role of the Storyteller, while the others are heroes called to the magical land of Storm Hollow to aid in a time of need.

Each game session provides a stand-alone adventure scenario with a specific story-driven goal for the players to try to accomplish, and multiple adventures can be strung together in campaign mode to experience fully interactive epic stories. Players work together to fight monsters, overcome obstacles, rescue characters, find lost treasures, and drive back the darkness using a simple skill-based system and unique heroic powers.

In Storm Hollow story is king, and a clever game system encourages creative decisions and amazing outcomes. Play pre-made adventures or use the numerous tools to make your own.

What makes Story Realms different from any other board game or role playing game? Almost Everything!  Here's a quick look at some of the reasons Story Realms is like nothing you've ever seen before.

  • A complete Story Realms "Chapter" plays in about an hour.
  • Story Realms is a storytelling adventure game that the whole family can enjoy together--even little kids can play Story Realms and there’s plenty there for adults to get into as well.
  • The gameplay in Story Realms encourages teamwork, creativity, and imagination (thing that kids are amazingly good at) to accomplish great deeds, explore an amazing world, and discover your inner hero..
  • Playing Story Realms is an opportunity to build a shared family experience of adventure, fun, cooperation, and creative memories that will last long after the game is over
  • Storm Hollow, the setting for Story Realms, is a vibrant storybook world that merges the familiar with the fantastic to provide an immersive backdrop for epic adventure that touch on the resonant themes of light versus dark, the power of a good story, and the boundless nature of creativity.

This massive box contains:

- 5 hardcover books:

--the Poppin’s Guide to Storm Hollow (64 pgs)
--Storyteller’s Guide (48 pgs)
--Preludes Adventure Book (120 pgs)
--the Poppin’s Guide to Venture (48 pgs)
--Pieces of a Broken World (112 pgs)
--Whispers of Wonder adventure booklet (36 pgs)

-22″ x 22″ Storm Hollow map board
-22″ x 22″ Venture map board
-6 double sided Hero boards
-Storyteller board
-4 tracker boards
-354 poker-sized cards
-96 Artifact cards
-97 Power Orb cards
-18 Adventure Kit cards
-6 Talent cards
-71 Lodran’s Lost Pages cards
-60 Venture Rumors and Resources cards
-6 Battle for Storm Hollow character cards
-220 tarot-sized cards
-20 Rift cards
-37 Ally cards
-37 Enemy cards
-30 Scene cards
-28 Scene to Go cards
-15 Scene cards for Preludes adventures
-6 Scene cards for Whispers of Wonder adventures
-6 Create-a-Kit cards
-1 Opening Scene card
-10 Campaign cards
-30 blank cards
-33 custom dice (22 white, 4 black, 1 grey, 6 colored Talent)
-6 die-cut wooden meeples
-49 plastic gems
-Battle for Storm Hollow cooperative game rules
-Battle for Storm Hollow enemy sticker sheet
-Create-a-Kit sticker sheet 
-Plastic storage bags

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Product information "Storm Hollow: Big Box"
Language: English
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 7
Playing Time: 60 min
Playing Mode: Kooperativ
Game Type: Role-Playing Game
Topic: Fantasy
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