Tank Chess (Standard)

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From the Publisher: Tank Chess is a strategic game played on 16x16 or 20x20 square board... more
Product information "Tank Chess (Standard)"

From the Publisher:

Tank Chess is a strategic game played on 16x16 or 20x20 square board which as a main objective has the destruction of the opponent’s Command Tank or a sneaky escape of your own Command Tank. The way to achieve this is by meticulously planning and executing the maneuvers of the rest of your forces composed of Light, Medium and Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Heavy Mortars.

The game incorporates some masterful strategic planning and decision making similar to the game of chess, but the nature of the long range engagements along with the firepower and the armour protection are the factors that have to be acknowledged in order to create a winning strategy and to achieve the ultimate goal.

One of the most important game features is the existence of the obstacles on the board that prevent shooting across the board and provide opportunities for some clever tactical maneuvers. Also, the destroyed vehicles remain on the board at all times, which makes you consider every move very carefully, in order to avoid creating new cover that your enemy can exploit.

The number of different, fully engaging game mechanics ensures the replayability of this game: you will constantly be presented with a new challenge that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

There is an infinite number of possible different games between the basic setup and the scenarios in the brochure and the expansion set. On top of that, you can modify the board yourself by adding or removing obstacles, choose different pieces or change their starting positions for a unique experience every time – every configuration demands a new approach in terms of strategy, and also grants new possibilities for tactical maneuvers, so you must adapt well and be creative and methodical in order to defeat your opponent.

Boxed Game.

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Customer evaluation for "Tank Chess (Standard)"
28 Dec 2021

Sehr viel Spielspass und hoher Wiederspielwert

Die Standardversion von Tank Chess bietet neben 32 Panzern (5 Modelle, 2 Farben) auch noch 2 feste doppelseitige Spielpläne und 26 Hindernisse aus stabiler Pappe. 1 Regelwerk und 1 weiteres Heft mit vielen verschiedenen Vorschlägen für den Aufbau der Hindernisse runden das Spiel ab.

Bereits in dieser Grundform macht das Spiel lange sehr viel Spaß. Die Qualität der Komponenten ist gut, auch wenn man bei einigen Panzern das ein oder andere herausstehende Plastikteil abknipsen oder wegschleifen sollte, um sich nicht daran zu pieksen.

Mit dem Tank Chess Fun Set bekommt man mehr neue Panzer (14 Typen), mehr neue Hindernisse, Minen und vieles mehr für unendlichen Wiederspielwert.

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