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From Portal Games: The Moloch State Pack expansion adds something special to the... more
Product information "51st State: Master Set - Moloch (EN)"

From Portal Games:

The Moloch State Pack expansion adds something special to the original mechanics you’re familiar with. New cards add Moloch’s Machines to attack and destroy you, but you’re not alone. This expansion adds a semi cooperative element for extra depth and replayability that allows players of 51st State to enjoy the game further, and keep them coming back for more.


50 new cards:
27 Moloch cards
23 double-sided Machine cards (to use with this set)

The Moloch State Pack is a new set of cards you can use during your games of 51st State: Complete Master Set. Set up the base game as usual with the following changes and additions: shuffle all 27 cards of the Moloch set together with the 88 cards of the Base Set to prepare your deck for the game, then shuffle the Machine cards to create the Machine deck. You also choose a difficulty that you face for the game ahead.

This expansion introduces additional phases to the game, here is the expanded phase order:







During the Assault phase, each player resolves the Assault effects of Moloch’s Deployed Machines. In the Deploy phase, you must Deploy a number of Machines according to the difficulty level you chose during the Setup, according to the number of players.
During the Action phase you have 2 new available Actions: Hacking a Machine and Destroying a Machine. Each Machine has a Code that you may Hack. To Hack a Machine, you must spend the Resources depicted on the card. Each Machine has a Defense value in the upper right-hand corner that must be broken in order to Destroy the Machine.
If you want to have a more cooperative experience while fighting the Machines you may Hack or Destroy the Machines together with the other players.

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Product information "51st State: Master Set - Moloch (EN)"
Min. Players: 1
Max. Players: 5
Language: English
Playing Time: 60 min, 90 min
Game Type: Card Game, City Building, Economic, Expansion, Worker Placer
Topic: Postapokalypse, Science Fiction
Playing mode: Kompetitiv, Kooperativ, Solitär
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