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From the Publisher: EXPAND BUILD DEFEND You have unearthed the pieces of an ancient... more
Product information "Cartography (DE/EN)"

From the Publisher:


You have unearthed the pieces of an ancient Chinese map. As you piece the map together you are drawn into the turbulent times of the Han dynasty in a land of mystical kingdoms. Take the role of the legendary warlords,found in Luo Guanzhong’s epic tale, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Capture lands and build castles to extend and defend your kingdom.

Cartography is a land claiming game with a twist, players become mapmakers in a game that takes creativity and foresight to claim land on a map that changes with each turn. Cartography builds on the ancient territory claiming game "Go" by adding a map-making mechanism. The map is made up of triangular tiles, with rivers that divide the map, allowing lands to be defended or captured. Players create and claim land, then capture opponents, in an effort to control the map.

The map changes as you play so you must keep your wits about you.

Players start by selecting tiles to create land and extend the map. Castles are then placed on the land you claim or capture, and whoever has most castles – those they place on the land and those they capture – wins. Because the landscape changes on every turn, you must be vigilant as a stronghold can quickly turn into a weakness, and as you try to surround other players’ castles, they might also be surrounding you! In planning your strategy on where to build your castles, you must carefully choose between expanding and consolidating, and between attacking and defending.

Strategy is key and chance doesn't determine the winner. The 2nd Edition features an alternative play option with an element of luck through random draw of three land tiles kept hidden in your hand.

Cartography is a Social Abstract Game SAG for 2 to 4 players.

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Product information "Cartography (DE/EN)"
Language: English, German
Min. Players: 2
Max. Players: 4
Playing Time: 15 min
Playing Mode: Kompetitiv
Game Type: Abstract, Territory Building, Tile Placment
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