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from the publisher: Your day has finally come — a famous adventurer has hired YOU to be... more
Product information "Squire for Hire"

from the publisher:

Your day has finally come — a famous adventurer has hired YOU to be their squire! When your hero completes quests, defeats baddies, and takes all the credit, they also earn loot, which you get the great honor of carrying!

Squire for Hire is an 18-card, tile-laying inventory management game for 1-2 players that takes about 15-20 min to play. Players compete to get the highest scoring bag of items for their hero by the end of the story deck.

Each player takes on the role of a random squire card, taking turns completing story cards and adding loot to their bag for points. You can complete story cards one of two ways: 1) having enough item value (the combined number of spaces an item type takes up in your bag) or 2) using an item (covering up an item in your bag with a new loot card). If you can complete a story card, you get to pick one of two loot cards to add to your bag; to do so, at least one full item must be placed within empty or full squares. You can cover any number of other items in your bag as long as the entire item is covered.

Once all story cards have been exhausted, players add up their scores. Add 1 point for each regular item, 1 point for each pair of identical items side-by-side, and extra points for conditions met on your squire card. Visible junk items reduce your score by 1 point each, so cover them up whenever possible! 

Keep vital items in your bag for when you need them, pack efficiently for extra points, and eliminate junk to be the squire with the highest scoring bag! Play solo to beat your own high score with all of the cards.

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Product information "Squire for Hire"
Language: English
Min. Players: 1
Max. Players: 2
Playing Time: 15 min, 30 min
Playing Mode: Kompetitiv, Solitär
Game Type: Tile Placment
Topic: Animals, Fantasy
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