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Dear Customers,

thanks to our big US-import we got a lot of interesting News for you from GMT Games, Flying Pig Games and Compass Games.Titles like "Comancheria", the 2nd Edition of "Triumph and Tragedy", "Fields of Despair", the Reprint of the Coin Series "Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection Reprint Edition", the 2nd Edition of "Churchill", "Commands & Colors Napoleonics Expansion EPIC", "1866: The Struggle For Supremacy In Germany", "Absolute Victory", as well as"'65 Squad-Level Combat in Vietnam" might be interesting for you.

Also we got big restocks from  Dan Verssen Games  (Warfighter World War II) and  MMP as well. Just check out.

your Gamer's HQ crew

Dear Customers,

we're eased to announce that our big cosim – directimport from the staates arrived today!

Right now we're dealing with all of your pre-orders and can't thank you enough for your trust and understanding you set in our work.

We will working on making the whole process of pre-ordering more transparent to you and also try to deal with our freight carrier more directly about matters of deadlines.

But right now, stay tuned for your parcel which you will receive in the next days. :)

your Gamers' HQ crew

Dear Customers,

besides the thematic Living Card Game "Arkham Horror the Card Game" we received a lot of interesting new card games in the last few days.
These are the new ones: The Kickstarter version of the "refreshing" workerplacer "Mint Works", for furry fans the party/deduction game "10' to Kill", the card game "Capital Lux", the area controll game "Gang Up!" and at last the fifth adventure Pack for Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game "The Slave Trenches of Hakotep".

Have a nice, playfull weekend! :)

your gamers HQ Crew
Liebe Kunden,

folgende interessante Brettspieltitel sind bei uns eingetroffen:
Die "Warage Extended Edition", die "Wallenstein Big Box", "Conan", "Assault of the Giants", "Pandemic Iberia", "Watson & Holmes", sowie "Armageddon". 

Genießt die ersten, wärmenden Sonnenstrahlen und meidet die Frühlingsstürme!

eure Gamer's HQ Crew

Liebe Kunden,

aktuell sind folgende Brett- sowie Kartenspielneuheiten bei uns eingetroffen: Das "Escape Room Partyspiel"- Unlock!, der "Urvater der Deckbuilding Spiele" Dominion in seiner Second Edition Big Box, das würzige "Set Collection" - Kartenspiel Herbaceous und zuletzt das humorvolle "push your Luck" - Kartenspiel Heroes & Tricks.

Wir wünschen euch ein verspieltes Wochenende!

eure Gamer's HQ Crew