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Dear customers,

we received in the last few days the second edition of the board game success "Black Orchestra". It comes with an interesting, unusual theme and an thought-out co-op game mechanik, which evenly matched an Pandemic.

Let's give it a try!

your Gamer's HQ Crew
Dear customers,

a big restock of the action packed construction board game "Heroes of Land, Air & Sea" with the expansion "Order & Chaos" arrived in our local store.
Like in the good ol' "Warcraft-PC-session-times" you begin in the middle of nowhere to build up a small settlement with your peons. This settlement will be the foundation for your strong kingdom. Later on you upgrade your peons to warriors which could evolve to heroes in order to ambush your neighbor. 

Enjoy your playfull conquest! ;)

your Gamer's HQ
Liebe Kunden,

endlich haben wir die deutsche Version von Outlive reinbekommen!
Hinter diesem Titel verbirgt sich von der Spielmechanik Ressourcenmanagement und von der Thematik ein stimmungsvolles Endzeit-Setting. Wasser und Nahrung sind knapp und müssen im strahlungssicheren Bunker gehortet werden, wobei die Sicherheit nur dann gewährleistet ist, wenn genügend Personal die Lüftungsfilter wartet.
Doch diese Überlebenden müssen erst einmal dort draußen in den Ruinen der letzten vergangenen Zivilisation aufgespührt werden...

Viel Spaß beim Entdecken! ;)

Eure Gamer's HQ Crew
Dear Customers,

we're pleased to announce, that a restock from Hexasim arrived as well as it's new game GREAT WAR COMMANDER and the usefull Plastic Corner Trimmer from Oregon Lamination Company.

Enjoy your shopping tour! :)

your Gamer's HQ crew
Dear customers,

a lot of new board games arrived in the last days. Like "Darklight: Memento Mori", the adventure card game "Dragonfire" or the "phoenix clan packs" of Legend of the Five Rings there is a lot to discover! :)

your Gamer's HQ crew