Against the Odds: Before Waterloo - The 1814 Expansion

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From Against the Odds: “Yet another Waterloo game?” And why is it called "Before... mehr
Produktinformationen "Against the Odds: Before Waterloo - The 1814 Expansion"

From Against the Odds:

“Yet another Waterloo game?”

And why is it called "Before Waterloo?"

Well to start, Before Waterloo by John Prados (perhaps his last new published work) is a two-player strategic simulation encompassing military, economic, and diplomatic developments of the Napoleonic Campaign of 1814 - the year before the more well-known events of 1815. It is NOT a complete game in itself. Players must own the second edition of Beyond Waterloo (see below) to fully use this expansion kit.

Players take the sides of France or its opponents, a coalition of Allies. Before Waterloo takes in the full scope of the politico-military possibilities inherent in the 1814 situation. Napoleon has been sent reeling from his second massive defeat in 2 years at Leipzig and must defend France from a now overwhelming coalition. Badly outnumbered, Napoleon's main chances lay in repeating his nimble campaigns in Italy some 20 years past.

The Allied Coalition must defeat Napoleon and impose a new civil government on France. The French must avoid that outcome. The game also provides a scenario for an optimal imperial approach (“Napoleon’s 1814 Dream”).

Pieces represent prominent Commanders on all sides, and Formations, corps, and divisions. Players organize and move their pieces across the map to further their strategy.

The players accumulate Resource Points (RPs) and Victory Points (VPs) as the game progresses. RPs procure fresh forces. The VPs influence events in the Campaign of 1814 as well as determining the winner of the game. Players also engage in diplomatic and political activity intended either to postpone the war or shape the conditions that will affect the campaign.

Best of all, this expansion game also comes with 8 of our Napoleonic Pocket Battle Games plus the die-cut counters for them. Altogether, you'll have 10 games in hand when you add on this expansion pack to your copy of Beyond Waterloo. Good for hours of fun! What's not to like?

Before Waterloo Expansion Kit

Map Extension - One full color 5.5" x 8.5" mapsheet with new territories
Army Organization Display - One separate 17" x 22" full color display to track leader and troop assignments
Counters - 280 full color 1/2" die-cut pieces
Upgraded Cards - 12 new deluxe Battle Tactic cards
Game Charts - 1 separate cardstock sheet

Rules length - one 12 page rules set for 1814
Complexity - High
How challenging is it solitaire? - Poor
Playing time - Up to 16 for the full campaign games

Design - John Prados
Development - Steve Rawling
Graphic Design - Mark Mahaffey and Charles Kilber

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