Strategy & Tactics # 341 - Return to Europe, Sicily & Italy 1943

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From Decision Games: The Magazine: Return to Europe: Sicily & Italy, July—November... mehr
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From Decision Games:

The Magazine:

Return to Europe: Sicily & Italy, July—November 1943 In January 1943 Anglo-Allied leaders met in Casablanca to map the next act in the war on Germany. The invasion of Sicily that July was a logical follow-up to Tunisia, but crossing to mainland Italy did not appear necessary. Even so, that occurred due to a combination of circumstance and the lack of an alternative.


-The Creek War of 1813–14 A year after the United States declared war on Great Britain in 1812, it intervened in a war being fought between two factions of Creek Indians. The War of 1812 overshadowed the Creek War, even though the latter decided the fate of the native peoples of the southeast. We present an operational and strategic analysis.

-Rome: Masters of the Sea Until the First Punic War, Rome was a land power. The Romans therefore stunned the Mediterranean world with their victory over the maritime power of Carthage. It was the classic Roman virtues of ingenuity, drive and ambition that proved key to unlocking naval supremacy. In turn, naval supremacy thereafter shaped Rome’s operational methods and strategic goals.

-The Second Korean War: 1966–69 In 1966–69, at the height of US involvement in Vietnam, conflict also broke out Korea between the North and South. That period is today referred to as the “2nd Korean War” and the “DMZ War.” It was a low intensity conflict conducted mostly by Northern special forces against US and South Korean armed forces.

The Game:

Return to Europe: Sicily & Italy July–Nov 1943 is a two-player sequel to Desert Fox Deluxe covering the Allied invasion of Sicily and southern Italy. The operation was viewed as only a limited offensive to secure the Mediterranean and force Italy out of the war. The Germans also intended only a limited effort to delay the Allies while a strong defense was established at the far north of the peninsula. Both sides scented greater possibilities in the early going and were drawn into what would become a grueling and expensive campaign. There are two scenarios, each covering all or part of the campaign. One player or team of players commands the Allied forces, the other the Axis. In general terms the Allies are trying to knock Italy out of the war and seize the greatest amount of territory as possible, while the Axis seeks to maintain control of Italian territory for the maximum amount of time. Each game turn represents one month with up to six player impulses in each GT. Each hex represents 6.7 miles (10 kilometers) from side to side. Combat units represent brigades/regiments to companies.

Components: One 22 x 34-inch game map 280 1/2-inch counters.



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