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From InterHuman: Within Walls is a Paranoia driven hidden traitor game with social... mehr
Produktinformationen "Within Walls"

From InterHuman:

Within Walls is a Paranoia driven hidden traitor game with social deduction elements set in the early 20th century horror setting.

  • A special TWO PLAYER MODE that maintains hidden traitor and social deduction elements
  • Game of subterfuge and deception
  • Spying system to discover other players secrets and possible motivations
  • Innovative insanity mechanic
  • Multiple storyline endings
  • A fast and simple player character creation method
  • Gameplay time 45-75 minutes

The remains of the Saint Andrew’s Royal Cross Sanatorium are today a place of many mysteries and unanswered questions. Once a place of pride, now a tourist attraction for ghost hunters, the story of the Saint Andrew’s Royal Cross Sanatorium is as unique as it is disturbing. It was originally built as an academy in the year 1888. by the famous Enlightenment era architect Josef Schmidt. The main investor was Franz Herman, a known philanthropist and an avid supporter of the Enlightenment era principles. He was a close friend with Schmidt…

The Agents were sent to investigate an incident at a local sanatorium, they have been briefed individually. They do not necessarily know each other, all they know is that they are all employed by the mysterious ‘’Agency’’. Their mission is to gather as much information as possible while making sure that all witnesses remain alive for further questioning.

Character creation

  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Characters defined by their profession and agenda only

Drugs and Alcohol

  • Use them as a way to delay and cotrol your insanity
  • Double edged sword mechanics
  • Each card resolves with different effect


  • Only thing standing between you and the abyss is your sanity
  • Thousand different combinations ensuring that no 2 games are alike
  • Time delayed effects


  • Story Progression Board
  • Investigation Focus Die
  • 77 Event Cards 
  • 27 Story Cards 
  • 24 Alcohol Cards
  • 12 Drug Cards 
  • 8 Agenda Cards 
  • 6 Profession Cards 
  • 6 Mind Sheet 
  • Rulebook

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Produktinformationen "Within Walls"
Spieleranzahl Minimum: 2
Spieleranzahl Maximum: 6
Sprache: Englisch
Spieldauer: 45 min, 75 min
Spieltyp: Deduktion, Partyspiel, versteckte Rollen
Thematik: Horror, Krimi
Spielmodus: Kooperativ, Semi-Kooperativ
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