World at War #86 - The Chaco War, 1932-1935

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From Decision Games: The Magazine: The Chaco War, 1932-1935.  ... mehr
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From Decision Games:

The Magazine:

The Chaco War, 1932-1935. Paraguay and Bolivia claimed sovereignty over the Chaco, a desolate territory stretching from the Andes to the Paraguay River. For landlocked Bolivia, control of it was not just a matter of national pride. The Chaco gave access to the Paraguay River, which provides a route to the Atlantic. The largest war fought in South America in the 20th century was the result.
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The Game:

The Chaco War, 1932-1935. The Chaco War was fought out by two landlocked countries, Bolivia and Paraguay in South America. On paper, the Bolivians should win handily: they enjoyed a three to one superiority in manpower against the Paraguayans. However, to reach the front the Bolivians had to overcome long lines of communication, impossible terrain and low morale. The Paraguayans, on the other hand, saw the war as a life-or-death struggle. Thanks to their superior morale and leadership, the Paraguayans inflicted a series of defeats to the Bolivians and won most of the Chaco in the post-war peace settlement.


Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.


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