World at War #83 - Operation Causeway: Formosa 1944

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From Decision Games: The Magazine: Operation Causeway: The Planned Invasion of... mehr
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From Decision Games:

The Magazine:

Operation Causeway: The Planned Invasion of Formosa, 1944: In mid-1944 a debate raged in the US high command over the next major objective in the Pacific. Two targets were considered: the Philippines and Formosa. The decision was made to invade the Philippines, but had the choice been Formosa, it would have become the largest amphibious operation of the war.

Other Articles:

Greenland in World War II: On 9 April 1940, Danish-owned Greenland’s Gov. Eske Brun, awoke to a changed world. His home country of Denmark had fallen under the Nazi thumb, and he had received orders from Copenhagen to “cooperate” with German authorities when they arrived. He had few options. Greenland had no Danish military garrison nor any other armed force to defend it.

Polish 1st Armoured Division in 44–45: One of the best divisions in the “British” army sent to the front in northwest Europe after D-Day was actually the Polish 1st Armoured Division. This is its story.

Fatal Flaws of the Me-262: Hitler considered the Me-262 a weapon potentially capable of defeating the Allies. To the end of the war, he believed in its ability to resurrect the combat power of his retreating, war-ravaged armed forces. In many popular histories today, the 262 is often overpraised. Its enthusiasts overlook the problems that actually limited the jet’s potential.

The Game:

Operation Causeway: Formosa 1944 is an operational-level two player wargame covering the planned but never executed Allied invasion of the Allied island of Formosa in World War II. Had the operation been executed, it would have been the largest amphibious invasion of the Pacific Theater of Operations. The Allied objective is to gain control of Formosa with a minimal number of losses. The Japanese objective is to inflict sufficient cost in terms of manpower and delay to make the invasion counterproductive for the Allies.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.

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