World at War #79 - Rising Sun over China 1931 - 1937

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from Decision Games: The Magazin: Manchukuo-Menjiang War: the Japanese-Chinese Conflict... mehr
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from Decision Games:

The Magazin:
Manchukuo-Menjiang War: the Japanese-Chinese Conflict 1931–37: From 1931–1937, an undeclared war was fought in northern China as Japan expanded onto the East Asian mainland. This was a largely unknown war but set the stage for the open Japanese invasion of China in July 1937.

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The Game:
Rising Sun Over China
: Japan vs China 1931 – 1937 is an operational-strategic level two player wargame covering the campaigns in northern China, 1931 to 1937. These campaigns revolved around the regions of Manchukuo (Manchuria) and Menjiang (Inner Mongolia), and culminated in the Japanese invasion of China proper, taking the capital at Peiping (Peking). There was also the possibility of Soviet intervention. The game has two players: the Japanese Empire and the Republic of China. The Japanese objective is to gain control of northern China to provide a strategic advantage for the ensuing Sino-Japanese War which commenced in July 1937. The Chinese objective is to retain control of strategic regions of northern China, thereby forestalling a larger Japanese invasion. Each hex on the map represents 75 kilometers across. Each turn of play represents one year of operations. Japanese ground units are divisions and brigades. Allied Japanese, as well as most Chinese units, are at the army and corps level, representing shifting arrays of forces. Air units represent various numbers of sorties needed to accomplish missions.

Components: 22x34 inch map, 176 die-cut counters.  

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