Way of the Fighter - Tala vs Victoria

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Way of the Fighter - Tala vs Victoria
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from the publisher: Tala is a well-balanced native american warrior aided by the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Way of the Fighter - Tala vs Victoria"

from the publisher:

Tala is a well-balanced native american warrior aided by the animal spirits in nature. She has a very unique ability on her character card which allows her to increase the utility in each of her attacks. The core of Tala's playstyle comes from her ability to be able to add secondary effects from her fighter cards to any cards she plays. This provides her with two significant advantages: first, adding more secondary effects obviously can make cards stronger in new unpredictable ways, second, she can change an action’s effect after revealing them, allowing her to react appropriately to an unexpected turn of events. All of her fighter actions will be sure to find a use one way or another. Her mode Totemic Strength and her block, both compliment her playstyle, by allowing her to dig for fighter cards in her deck and return those that she has discarded. Due to the decisions that are presented when determining to discard cards for their effect or holding on to them to be used as an action, Tala is somewhat harder to master than the other fighters.

Victoria is a british-born aristocrat adopted into a clan of assassins, and currently Severina’s most trusted advisor. With three soft style techniques to choose from, Victoria is speed and grace incarnate. The ability on her character card compliments the strong combo heavy nature of the soft style. Her psychic energy shurikens and kunai, along with the use of chi techniques, gives her just the right amount of ranged control. Moreover, her Kawarimi Block and Flickering Image actions give her the Traverse effect allowing her to instantly escape move or vanish, in a true ninja fashion. Her origins can be shown in Noblesse Oblige, which can double as a second copy of the Initiative Card, and Spiffing Kick is a brutally painful attack that will deplete your opponent's hand. Her truly special attack is Touch of Death, a very close limited but deadly attack.

The Tala vs Victoria Fighter Pack also comes with two sets of actions. The Pain technique from the Soft style is composed of a subtle array of options around the Trash effect, denying your opponent that perfect hand. The Internal technique from the Chi style brings more denial and versatility, along with high and low blasts, to any chi fighter’s deck.

You need the core game Way of the Fighter "Turbo" or "Super" to play with this expansion.

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Produktinformationen "Way of the Fighter - Tala vs Victoria"
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