Sine Tempore - Motherfang Expansion

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From the Publisher: Faun live for the hunt, the glory, to win over the respect of their... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sine Tempore - Motherfang Expansion"

From the Publisher:

Faun live for the hunt, the glory, to win over the respect of their own tribe. Primaevus V offers fauns challenges worthy of their abilities as hunters, which is precisely why they made it their hunting reserve.

Among the terrible creatures living on the planet, there are beasts that manage to instill fear even in the most undaunted hunters.
The Primaevi call them ThunderTooths.

Their fur is the colour of the tempestuous blue sky, recalling the electric blue of their pulsing veins, while the bulging bones running up their spine and strong horns have snapped more than a few hunters’ blades and just as many lives. And if you happen to think that their obsidian claws and sharp fangs are the only weapons at the disposal of this terrifying beast, you’re seriously mistaken.
ThunderTooths are true to their frightening name, thanks to their unique ability to generate terrifying high voltage bolts of electricity.

“According to an ancient Primaevan, an outcast Hunter once made his way to the ravine of the striking beasts, in an effort to restore his honour. The cave before him was glowing pale blue and pulsing, Krags was an expert hunter and despite being far from his tribe, would never have forgotten how to use a lance. Nothing was ever able to rattle his nerves of steel, except what he saw that day.

As he continued his descent into the depths of the earth, his sharp ears perceived a constant and muffled cry. And so it was that he reached an enormous grotto, where tens of fauns stood immobile like statues, with weapons in hand, all facing the same direction.

The cry was coming from the clamped mouths of the paralysed hunters, their eyes moving frenetically as if to warn Krags of the imminent danger. The countless trenches leading to the grotto were swarming with ThunderTooths.

They were babies, prey for young fauns seeking to become hunters... but where there were babies, there was bound to be a mother. A terrifying roar shook the entire cave, while from a dark tunnel the largest MotherFang Krags had ever seen emerged. Step after step, the enormous beast loomed towards him in a show of force, destroying the hunter’s nerves, who for the first time in his life... ran.

While Krags ran panic-stricken, the MotherFang opened his jaws and struck the hunter with a bolt of electricity, instantly paralysing him. Krags couldn’t move a single muscle as the ThunderTooths began making their way towards their immobile prey, drooling and famished. The fauns were perfectly conscious, but they would have preferred not to be, to avoid having to watch what was about to happen”.

Content: 1 Motherfang, 5 Thundertooth, 1 Thunderthooth Pet, 4 Enemy cards, 1 Pet card, 2 Wounds cards, 10 Token, 1 Nemesis mission card, 15 Prey action cards, 1 Tile.

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal H19.
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Produktinformationen "Sine Tempore - Motherfang Expansion"
Sprache: Englisch
Min. Spieleranzahl: 1
Max. Spieleranzahl: 4
Dauer: 15 min
Modus: Kooperativ, Solitär
Spieltyp: Miniaturen, Würfelspiel
Thematik: Fantasy, Science Fiction
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