War of Supremacy

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From Lost Treasure Games: War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king of the hill style... mehr
Produktinformationen "War of Supremacy"

From Lost Treasure Games:

War of Supremacy is a free-for-all, king of the hill style card game in which all players are gods; fighting over individual Territories, in the world of Mahlor. Players use creatures, legendary heroes and spell cards to create high scoring combos. If a player manages to attack and to outscore the opponent player, they take control of the territory and go into defense. If they can then manage to hold and defend it against all other players, they take the territory for themselves and get one step closer to world supremacy and victory.

 What makes it unique?

  • King of the Hill style gameplay. All players are playing and fighting for themselves. 
  • Gateway (plus) game which can be learned in five minutes but still offers a lot of tactical gameplay.  
  • There is no mana like other card games. Create crazy combinations and build strength by putting together creatures of the same faction or type and using spells in a variety of ways.
  • A Large number of cards (250+) to play with; with lots of unique creatures, spells and territories.
  • Play how YOU want. With the many cards on offer, you can choose which cards and factions you wish to play with. There are also many variants to choose from. This gives lots of Replayability.
  • Very dynamic gameplay that can change suddenly.
  • Scratches the itch if you like Smash Up or Magic/Hearthstone.

In War of Supremacy, all players are vying for control of and trying to win a single Territory. 

Players will use a mixture of Creature and Spell cards to try and defeat their opponents.

Creatures are used to resolve combat between players and have strength in three different forms: Wild, Magic and Blade. However, only one of these forms of combat will be used at a given time. 

On a player's turn, they will attack with creatures from their hand against the current opponent, defending the Territory. If the attacking creatures outscore the opponent in the current combat form, they will take control of the territory and become the new defender. 

If a player manages to defend and stay in control of the Territory until their next turn, they will take the Territory as a victory point. Alternatively, if a player can build up enough score in attack or defense to get 20 or more points they will win the territory immediately. 

 The first player to three Territories is the winner.                                                                                                                                          


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Produktinformationen "War of Supremacy"
Spieleranzahl Minimum: 2
Spieleranzahl Maximum: 5
Sprache: Englisch
Spieldauer: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min
Spieltyp: Glück herausfordern, Kampf, Kartenspiel, Terretorien erschließen
Thematik: Fantasy
Spielmodus: Kompetitiv
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