Historia - Capitals

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Historia - Capitals
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Capitals is a new mini-expansion for Historia board game that allows players to build their... mehr
Produktinformationen "Historia - Capitals"

Capitals is a new mini-expansion for Historia board game that allows players to build their capitals to obtain different bonuses. Players can increase the artistic value or the economic power of their cities to make their own civilization the most powerful and prestigious of all.

Now players can perform Expansion action not only to place a cube in a new territory, expanding their civlization, but also to place a second cube in one of their territory to represent a massive settlement.

In the second or fourth turn of each era, all civilizations with two cubes in a territory are able to build there a Capital. A Capital is the symbol of powerand wealth of a civilization and remains until the end of the current or next era depending on the circumstances. Even the greatest empires sooner or later decay ... but then they can rise from their own ashes to build a new Capital, bigger and more powerful than previous.

Players may accumulate treasures in their capital or use their whealth to improve the growth of civilizations:

- facilitating the achievement of a Leader objective card requiriment

- paying treasures as a war tribute in case of a defeat

- recovering used cubes 

- taking advantage in turn order

At the end of the game, treasures not spent contribute to the triumph of the civilization and to his prestige in the history.

Contents: 7 capital tokens and 14 treasure tokens, mini-rulebook.

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Produktinformationen "Historia - Capitals"
Modus: Kompetitiv, Solitär
Spieltyp: Spielzubehör
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