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  • FFG033
The darl Lord Llovar has commanded all the orcs of the Broken Plain to mach against the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Orcz"

The darl Lord Llovar has commanded all the orcs of the Broken Plain to mach against the alliance of elves, dwarves, and men. As the chief of an orc tribe, you must marshal your forces of wolfrider, archers, grunts, champions, and shamans and lead them to war on the four battlefields of Mennara.

The Spoils of War...

Foul tempered and hideously evil, Llovar can also be a generous master to those who serve him well. With each battle won, the Dark Lord awards the orc chief with the strongest army a gift of goblin slaves. Goblins are pathetic but wonderfully useful - they can bring you ale, take out the garbage, and wash your feet. Mostly, they can bring you ale, ´cause you don´t really mind garbage and dirty feet. Win the most battles, hoard the most goblin slaves, and the other chiefs will bow and grovel before you!

Da Game...

ORCz is a strategy boardgame for 2-4 players ages 12 and up. Fastpaced and lighthearted, the game is nevertheless rich in strategic depth that keeps it fun and exciting, time after time. ORCz is a complete, standalone game and features more than 160 beautifully illustrated, full-color playing pieces. You can play a full game of ORCz in 20 minutes to one hour.

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Produktinformationen "Orcz"
Spieleranzahl Minimum: 2
Spieleranzahl Maximum: 4
Sprache: Englisch
Spieldauer: 45 min
Spieltyp: Bluffen, Kampf, Kartenspiel
Thematik: Fantasy
Spielmodus: Kompetitiv
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