Antagonism (EN/DE/FR/IT)

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Antagonism (EN/DE/FR/IT)
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  • BEYE001
Enter the futuristic universe of Antagonism through four distinct scenarios in which only... mehr
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Enter the futuristic universe of Antagonism through four distinct scenarios in which only the finest strategists will survive. In competitive or semi-cooperative mode, dominate or destroy your opponents!

The game is portable and magnetic, easy, fast and different every time.

Game overview

  • Players choose one of the four scenarios and a group of 15 custom pawns with the same symbol and place them on the corresponding colors. Each scenario is grid-based with a different theme and objectives.
  • Victory conditions: The main objective depending on the scenarios is to hold the base(s) for 3(2) turns or kill the enemy leader(s). A "King of the Hill" variant for three players is available in a scenario.
  • On every turn you can move up to five different pawns, one of which should always be the leader (black pawn). Pawns can move up to two spaces in any direction; red pawns can move up to three spaces in any direction. Blue pawns can move through clouds without penalty and use the warps.
  • Pawns of the same color can stack up to three pieces high. This increases the strike force value and defense value. Pawns can detach and move on their own from a stack. The bottom pawn acts as a carrier.
  • Every single pawn has a strike force Level 1 (L1). The black pawn (the leader) has a strike force L3 but its defense remains at L1.
  • To attack an opponent's pawn, you must move your pawn onto a square occupied by the antagonist. By attacking an opponent pawn with a superior level, you execute a suicide-attack; your pawn(s) is(are) sacrificed and the same number of antagonist pawns are eliminated.
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