Keyforge - Martian Madness Playmat

Keyforge - Martian Madness Playmat
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  • KEYE006
From FFG: Field your spectacular clashes in style with the Martian Madness Playmat for... mehr
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From FFG:

Field your spectacular clashes in style with the Martian Madness Playmat for KeyForge: Call of the Archons! Whether you are participating in a high-caliber tournament or simply playing around the kitchen table, this high-quality playmat presents your cards in stunning fashion, featuring rich art from the expansive and enigmatic world of KeyForge. This 24” x 14” mat provides the perfect play surface to protect your cards from stains and spills, keeping the focus on your adventures in the Crucible. Displaying an energetic art piece to embrace your Mars pride, this mat keeps your chaotic clashes both organized and immersive.

The Martian Madness Playmat displays your pride for the glorious empire of Mars with vibrant art of one of its many soldiers. This insular House strives to maintain its genetic and cultural purity, but the empire’s translocation to the Crucible has provided new benefits, like the psycho-reactive Æmber that helps their mind-control experiments and a host of new creatures with spliceable genes to create the ultimate Martian killing machine!

Präsentationsort im Laden: Ihr findet mich im Regal H24.
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